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C&S Enterprise, Inc. provides a wide range of top-quality electrical services including:



Contact us today to help keep your students’ attention while in the classroom by making sure the electrical needs are met! By working with our professional team, the lights will be shining and the projector will turn on at the switch of a button every time!


Parking Lot Lighting

Since most Americans work a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job, most shopping occurs at the end of the day. Don’t let your customer drive in to your business’ unlit parking lot. Keep them safe by making sure the parking spaces are fully lit!


Sports Lighting

When you are at a sporting event, you want your fans to be able to see every pass, every catch, and every hit! Supply them with the best lighting possible by contacting us today!


Medical Offices

Sitting in a health care facility can be nerve-wracking for any patient or loved one, depending on why he or she is there. Help make the waiting room a more warm and welcoming place to sit by making sure the lighting is just right.


Tenant Improvements

Do you want to show your tenants some appreciation this year? Contact us today to see how we can provide them with better lighting and electrical services that will make them want to stay for years to come!


Places of Worship

If there is anywhere you want there to be light, it is definitely in a place of worship. Let us help your members walk into a place of lightness—not darkness—by contacting us today!


Lighting Retrofits and CPS Rebates

Electric water heaters . . . lighting retrofits . . . and lighting equipment – oh my! Contact us today to learn how we can help manage your lighting energy use so that you can remain within budget!



The more they can see, the more your customers can buy! Contact us today so that we can make sure your retail shop’s lights are working correctly and registers are ready to go—plus much more!


Control Cabinets

At C&S Enterprise, Inc. we take our time to make sure the selection, design, and installation of an industrial control panel is up to par! We provide custom electrical control panels so that your control cabinet works for your business.


Food Service Industry

Food is expensive, so the last thing that needs to occur is for the food to spoil. Keep your food protected and up-to-code by making sure your restaurant’s electrical needs are met properly!



Electricity is used even more in manufacturing than in most industries. As a result, our team is here to make sure your electrical needs, such as electrical wiring devices and lighting controls, are within regulations and that your manufacturing business meets all safety requirements.


Woodworking Industry

Electric matters. Contact us today so that our talented and licensed team can make certain the electrical equipment meets all requirements to keep your associates safe on the job site and that productivity remains high.


Control Wiring

Let us be your guide when it comes to building the wiring within your control panel so that you can effectively communicate commands from one device to another. The team at C&S Enterprise, Inc. can also assist in the layout and wiring of your building’s control panel for easier usage.


Machinery Wiring

Electrical needs take on a whole new meaning when it comes to the requirements of wiring for equipment. Whether it is cable machinery, automotive cable, or special cable making, our team can find any solution to your machinery wiring problems, and help make the electrical system more organized.


Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry needs its power, which is why we make sure the energy performance in the building is in prime working order. We also strive to make sure pharmaceutical workers—much like within the health care industry—are protected from any electrical hazards. Plus, some medications need to be kept at a certain temperature, and the electrical services need to be working properly to ensure patients are safely given medications. Our goal is protecting our community and the people living within the community.



Who loves looking for a car at night? Some customers will purposely come in the evening to buy a car so that they can see how great the vehicle looks under the light. Make sure your lighting sets the mood for a sale by letting us take care of your electrical needs.

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