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C&S Enterprise is a company with traditional values that creates loyalty and trust with employees and customers. We deliver on our commitments consistently with integrity, efficiency, and professionalism while working to give back to our community.


               You may say we have it in us. Well, the truth is, we do! Electrical work has been in the family since 1925, when our great grandfather, James W Carnwath immigrated to Berkley, Michigan, from Scotland. His ambition was to take advantage of Henry Ford’s $5 workday. However, he soon came across an electrician who needed assistance, and began his second job since migrating to this country. When his new employer passed away, the widow passed ownership on to our grandfather. It then continued down the generations in our family, until the 3rd generation, when the business was relocated to San Antonio, Texas, in June of 1994. The move was a decision taken to grasp advantage of the better Texas economy. Having remained a family managed company with lasting values since 1925; we have grown to beat our competitors in the market, through our expert experience. That is why we are able to offer the best service and construction with dependable results.


Dedication – selfless devotion of our energy and time
Honesty – fairness and straightforwardness of conduct
Integrity – strict adherence to moral values and principles
Loyalty – upholding of trust
Punctuality – adherence to the time commitments made
Reliability – acceptance of full responsibility to deliver what we promise
Respect – politeness
Understanding – creating positive, truthful relationships

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